About Us

Ayman Al Wadi

Beyond an ambition, AL WADI Holding and its group of companies is the culmination of years of in-depth practical experience, profound market knowledge and professional achievement. When I envisioned this establishment, I set out to create an organization that not only provides a unique set of services that are needed in the market, but one that helps enhance the quality of peoples’ lives. I believe that in these trying times, it takes a partner of exceptional honesty; professionalism and dedication to bring forth a truly outstanding service to that helps benefit the entire community.

Challenging what is deemed possible is a crucial factor in professional success. And thankfully, my career – which spans more than 16 years – stands testament to that. At both Emirates NBD Bank and Gulf Finance Corporation PJSC, I rose through the ranks and made a number of influential contributions that have ranged from leading teams to establishing entire departments, to becoming a Managing Director.

And after working with some of the industry’s finest minds and fortifying every facet of the organization with top tier quality, cutting edge technology and a comprehensive spectrum of services, AL WADI stands strong and ready to fulfill its goals and aspirations. I sincerely hope that the services provided here will help advance your goals and turn your needs into fruitful results.
All the best

Ayman Al Wadi
Group Executive Chairman. , AL WADI HOLDING INT’L

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