ALWADI translation Service

Whether an individual, a business, or a non-profit organization, communicating with foreign language speakers can help increase public awareness of companies, educate consumers about their products or services, and help to keep abreast of their competitors.

ALWADI meets all your needs for high-impact; professional translation, localization, and editing of any document in all major languages for corporate clients and individuals nationwide and worldwide at responsible pricing and within agreed deadlines.

We offer our clients comprehensive, custom language services tailored to the needs of each industry through our professional team of experienced translators and editors holding higher degrees in translation and linguistics in addition to an in-depth knowledge and experience in the subject matter of the given project.

Whatever the specifications submitted upfront, ALWADI will work extra miles for you

Certified Translation

We provide a certified translation signed & sealed by a sworn and certified translator for your marriage/divorce/birth/death certificates, academic diplomas, powers of attorney, financial reports, medical reports, judicial decisions, and other general-purpose documents to be accepted as a certified translation of the source documents.

We also offer legalization services with the competent local authorities in UAE (Notary, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and shipping to your country.

Marketing Translation

We tell your story and translate your marketing materials by customizing them according to the culture and environment of your target customers.
Our marketing translators not only have excellent linguistic skills, but they also enjoy a sense of creativity and cultural awareness.

Website Localization

Your website is your identity card that enables you to introduce yourself to your prospective customers around the globe. While a monolingual website limits the number of potential visitors, a multilingual website will increase your business opportunities and get you more visitors and publicity.
Our expert translators will introduce your business to the outside world and make it appear local to your target market by translating and localizing your website into different languages, considering the cultural sensitivity of your online visitors.

Technical translation

Our technical translators offer accurate, high-quality technical translation for your technical subjects to make your products, hardware, software, and devices more accessible and understandable to your particular audience and general public.

What makes us unique?

Our SMART translation process: Translating proof reading Head of translation committee review
Ranked as one of the top of 3 translation
agencies in UAE
Free pickup and delivery.
Duly authorized by Ministry of justice
Yearly agreements with clients
Ability to review the doc by our clients before printing
Quality concerns conveying the spirit of the meaning
Urgent and large translation service
24/7 service by providing an email account to receive the materials at anytime