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To provide our clients with full legal protection for their existing and future rights and to exceed their expectation with our services

Starting above the horizon, focusing on our clients’ visions rather than tactics, clarifying goals rather than selling products, we empower clients to make confident decisions. we become “the keeper of their vision,” the first one they call when something changes and the one they depend on through every life cycle. We start in a higher place, we see the big picture and claim a different seat entirely that of a trusted advisory.



We collect your receivables worldwide!

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We are an integral part of TCM  and our debt recovery system is extremely efficient and cost effective.  We have a set of experienced professionals with many years of  Sustained performance  and high recovery rates of debts. We are very transparent in our dealings and have achieved a history of success.


How can ALWADI Collections help with international debtors ?

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Collecting from export debtors can be especially very difficult due to location, time zone and language barriers. ALWADI takes off this worry from your shoulders. Our experienced world collection network handles your debt and collects in close proximity to your debtor.

We have found that a straightforward, professional approach to debt collection produces far better  recovery results than the usual traditional strong-arm tactics. An account that might have been deemed as hopeless case, can be resolved amicably through persuasive and consistent communications. Anyone can collect and resort to legal remedies, but it is the knowledge of when and how to use the information that makes us unique.

We operate on a performance basis i.e  no collection no fees.  Our motto is to help you get back your money.   Our motivations are propelled by mutual success and  are result oriented.

Our collectors go an extra mile to provide you with the personal touch to make our relationship work. We believe in transparency and prompt action.  We have learnt the importance of quick and decisive action. The quicker we respond , the better are our chances of recovery.

We maintain Beyond Expectations Services  by offering effective, personalized, courteous and prompt service.

ALWADI Legal Services by ALWADI Holding

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We offer FREE consultancy for any Legal issues.

ALWADI Legal Services offers following comprehensive suite of services regarding all your legal cases.