ALWADI Holding Int’l celebrates UAE’s 43rd National Day at Head Office Dubai

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Interview with Mr. Ayman AlWadi on UAE National Day-2014

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alwadi holding Int'l

alwadi holding Int’l

As Group Executive Chairman of ALWADI Holding Int’l, what does the National Day event mean to you?

Our life passes in a very fast rhythm. We miss the meditation in the life course of events, We miss an opportunity to cultivate a life of meaning.

The National Day is not just an event to celebrate once a year. It is a lesson for the mankind and a discipline to be followed by leaders everywhere in all roles . Be it as a Father with his family, A Manager in his company.

On this day I’d like to pass warm congratulations from me and ALWADI family to our UAE nation locals and residents, our rulers and the whole mankind for such a successful union model.