I was caught once with one joke on Facebook by some friend who posted this.

At the beginning I laughed, but later I was thinking of it and it made good sense for me, think of it, you really can collect $1 million by just asking only insignificant amount which is $1 from 1 million persons!!

The only problem is how to get to these one million persons?

Now of course you can go and beg this $1 , it’s one way to deal with it, but from a business perspective if you consider offering some kind of product or service to people and people would only pay this tiny amount, I bet you’ll be rich fast.

But hold on for a moment.. Isn’t this what FaceBook, Google, LinkedIn, etc. doing?

If you are to place an Add on any of these social media, you would be paying them each time your Add is viewed by somebody and they will charge you per click, and trust me you end up paying some good amount considering the number of clicks you’ll get.

So what looks like some kind of joke, it turns out to be a business concept and can actually generate good profit, social media understood this approach well and they knew that they have all the traffic needed (if you’d go back to our first approach to get the 1 million by begging, just imagine yourself doing it in the Times Square and all of these people passing by you), all what they had to do is to offer you a service that you really need (any kind of business requires marketing and advertising)and in our new small world using all of this technology and being connected through the Web, you just can’t help it but to think it’s so convenient to utilize the social media to promote your business and reach your target audience.

Sometime, great things come from small stuff, and what starts as an idea or just a thought could really turn into a big thing later.

Never underestimate your dreams, never say it’s a stupid idea, the biggest proof of small entities turned into a great deal is.. YOU.. you were once a tiny cell in your mother’s tummy and now you are that great person who could do miracles. We are as great as the universe because we are the universe.