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About Us


Having a global presence is a must in today’s world. So whether it’s business expansion, logistics for international charity initiatives or accurate multi-lingual material, you need a partner that delivers accurate, dependable and timely quality in every translation project. After recognizing a major need in the market for such a partner, AL WADI Translation Services was established as a highly experienced and successful all-in-one hub that covers the UAE for all your translation requirements.


What makes us unique is our combination of top shelf talent, dynamic teamwork, holistic thinking, rapid response rates and our Ministry of Justice authorization. Our team comprises sworn legal translator units, dedicated editors, proofreaders and industry-specific interpreters – which means your translations are always accurate and dependable, no matter what field you operate within.


We employ a dynamic and holistic approach to every project. This highly efficient technique allows us to undertake a large number of projects and turn them around at incredible rates – so even the most urgent jobs are handled with care and speed. As your translation partner, we stand ready to go beyond expectation in handling any and all of your projects at anytime.



We will become partners in the success of our clients by delivering best-in-class translation across all mediums and industries.



We will use top-notch talent and smart solutions to deliver accurate, timely and dependable translation services to projects of all sizes.






With every project, we strive to achieve nothing less than perfection. So we employ the industry’s most experienced and talented translators, interpreters, editors and proofreaders. We then arm them with the best resources and procedures possible so they can deliver translations that are accurate, timely and appropriate.



As your translation partner, we believe in keeping you up-to-date every step of the way. Operationally, this allows us to create a collaborative spirit between your company and our resources – which leads to better results and more rewarding partnerships.



We’ve brought the industry’s greatest international talents and trained them to work in a dynamic, highly specialized teamwork environment that allows them to deliver world-class material at incredible speeds. Coupled with our high-end facilities, this approach ensures that you receive only the finest results – under any timelines or conditions.




No job is too small or too big; and no timeline is too tight. With our dynamic workflow system and ‘every job is a priority’ philosophy, we’re able to handle large quantities of work and deliver results against any time schedule – this includes overnight projects.


Cost Effectiveness

Our dependability goes beyond quality and speed. We pride ourselves on being one of the few companies that tailors its costs to suit your financial requirements. So we will always find a custom fit plan that affords you world-class quality at reasonable rates.



Your material is a valuable commodity; and we treat it as such. All our staff members are trained and contractually obligated to uphold strict privacy polices when they undertake a project. This respect also extends to honoring your deadlines and embracing an open minded approach in achieving your goals.


Why Us

Ministry of Justice Authorization

We are one of the select translation services that are certified by the Ministry of Justice. This means that we are fully equipped to translate any and all legal documents and materials at the highest standards.


Accurate Industry-specific Translations

Our teams are trained to collaborate with experts from your industry. As such, we’re always prepared to provide you with accurate, industry-specific translations and interpretations. Unlike most other translation services, our team members focus on capturing the correct meanings behind your material – so you can rest assured that the integrity of your message is uncompromised in any language.


Fully Fledged Teams

Using our dynamic teamwork protocols, we’re able to dedicate specialized, highly experienced teams that undertake every aspect of your project from translation to proofreading to delivery.


24/7 Translation Service

Our teams work around the clock and specialize in quick response times and overnight services. This means that no deadline is impossible and no job goes unattended – a great feature for industries that deal with last-minute projects and tight timelines.


Top-notch Privacy Protocols

In some cases, privacy is a must. So we uphold the most comprehensive measures and non-disclosure agreements in all our projects – so you can be assured that your sensitive material is protected under the strictest confidentiality procedures.


Extreme Cost Competitiveness

Due to the dynamic nature of translation projects, costs can be unpredictable. But thanks to our flexible, tailor-made pricing plans, our clients enjoy rates that make perfect financial sense.


Free Direct 24-hour Quote

Attaining quick, accurate and comprehensive quotes is key in starting any translation project. As such, our free direct 24-hour quote function ensures that you receive a complete estimate within a day of your request.


AL WADI Translation Services offers a comprehensive suite of services regarding all your translation projects. Simply click onto the category that addresses your requirements.

Certified Translation

Employing the industry’s very best talent, our certified translators provide world-class, two-way translation services that cover everything from legal, governmental, insurance, medical, corporate and promotional material in a number of languages. And with our officially certified benchmarks and legally sworn translation license, you can be assured that our stamping signature is authorized by the Ministry of Justice and is recognized in all legal matters.

We provide a certified translation signed & sealed by a sworn and certified translator for your marriage/divorce/birth/death certificates, academic diplomas, powers of attorney, financial reports, medical reports, judicial decisions, and other general-purpose documents to be accepted as a certified translation of the source documents.

We also offer legalization services with the competent local authorities in UAE – including the Notary Public, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs – and shipping to your country.

Marketing Translation

We tell your story and translate your marketing materials by customizing them according to the culture and environment of your target audience.
Our marketing translators not only have excellent linguistic skills, but also a sense of creativity and cultural awareness.

Technical Translation

Our technical translators offer accurate, high-quality l translation for your technical subjects to make your products, hardware, software, and devices more accessible and understandable to all your concerned audiences.


Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

Medical translation requires high precision. In addition, there are various medical specialties requiring the translator to have a long medical and linguistic background and experience. AL WADI Translation Services therefore employs translators specialized in the medical field and its terminology. Here’s a look at what we cover:
• Medical reports
• Medical computer program documents
• Drug registration documents, product specifications and patient instruction booklets
• Medical information for patients and physicians
• Medical and surgery equipment catalogs
• Clinical investigation documents
• Scientific materials
• Multimedia product information within the healthcare, medical education and referential material fields

Instant Translation (Translation-on-Demand)

As an added value to clients enlisting in our services, we offer Translation-on Demand. Anywhere, anytime, our 24-hour translation hotline will provide you with instant on demand translations or basic liaising services whenever language is an issue –d a handy service for those who are new to the country.


With our highly trained and certified professional interpreters, you can rest assured that miscommunications are never an issue. As for subtle nuances in language, clever plays on phrases and creative concepts, they can be all ‘lost in translation’ if handled by inexperienced interpreters. Which is why we utilize top-of-the-line technology and the industry’s most intuitive interpreters to ensure that every detail in your websites, books, PR articles, advertising campaigns and any other forms of media where accuracy is a must, remain intact during translation.


Opening a firm or branch in a foreign country can be a hassle if the local cultural norms and languages are not observed. With AL WADI localization services, you can educate your staff on the local culture, making them more knowledgeable, efficient and connected with their market. Professionally supervised language training courses can also be arranged for corporate groups.

Website Localization

Your website is an identity card that enables you to introduce yourself to your prospective customers around the globe. So when it comes to making your website accessible in multiple languages, our expert translators make it appeal to your target market by translating and localizing your website into the needed languages, considering the cultural sensitivity of your visitors.

Sign Language

From newscasts and corporate videos to seminars and educational programs, our certified sign linguists cover a wide range of fields and are available for events-based activities and training sessions.


Our translation and interpretation experts stand ready to handle publishing tasks of any scale and requirement. By combining specialized proofreading teams and editing committees with the latest technology and our flexible pricing system, you can be assured that sensitive projects are delivered on time with maximum accuracy and efficiency.


Combining our vast expertise from the wide range of industries in which we operate, we are able to offer you professional advice and strategies regarding your translation and localization endeavors.


We offer a subtitling service in all major languages, including any regional variations, in order to meet the needs of our clients in the UAE and across the globe. We provide subtitles for films, documentaries and promotional clips, as well as any other audio-visual material. All of our subtitles are produced by experienced subtitlers, who only subtitle into their native language. Subtitled material is then proofread by an independent third party linguist, ensuring the accuracy and quality of the final product. We are able to deliver subtitles in a variety of different file formats to suit the needs of our clients.

Editing and Proofreading

Our dedicated team of editors and proofreaders is comprised of the industry’s finest talents. So when it comes to approving any materials, our team focuses on different aspects of the writing and employs various techniques. What we do is spend the needed time to detect and correct errors and typos in any document and make necessary adjustments in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Quality Policy

As a professional translation company, our commitment to quality is evident in our strict selection of expert translators and our unique 4-step process.

We provide highly precise and authentic translation services to individuals and all types of companies within the country and around the world. Our translation maintains the original meaning. We are committed to quality, and time is of great essence to us. We provide the necessary translation services with the least possible cost.

We have established the strongest possible foundations in order to maintain the highest employment standards for translators:
• We invest in the expertise of translators who enjoy authentic skills in translation.
• All translated texts are well-reviewed and audited in order to ensure their linguistic precision and content correctness.
• We have teams of project and quality managers who supervise the translation project and assure that it meets your quality and time requirements.

• We maintain a comprehensive terminology database for various fields.
• We establish a database for technical and medical terminology of the translated texts in all languages to ensure the correct and harmonized usage of words at all times.
• We maintain all translated documents in our database for one month and then we send a questionnaire to the client for feedback.


Delivery & Rates

AL WADI Translation Services takes an individual approach to every translation project. The rates are determined through the following factors:

  • Languages
  • Number of words
  • Type of text: general or specialized
  • Deadline: Standard or Express
  • Other special requirements

Note: Discounts are allowed on large products and returning clients.


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