Debt Management




Debt is a sensitive subject in the world of business. On one hand, debt serves as an economic engine; while on the other, it can be a speed bump that slows down growth. At AL WADI Debt Management, we understand this sensitive balance. Which is why we’ve put together a team of debt management experts and consultants with years of experience and a combined record of success that spans the entire country – a company designed to make debt work for you.


What makes us unique is our comprehensive approach to each case. We start by analyzing the situation, assessing all the facts and giving you an honest and realistic projection of the outcome. And thanks to our strategic alliances and sister affiliations, we can also offer a 360-degree legal perspective to every case – meaning you have a thorough understanding of your debt situation. This is why we’re the only company in the market that can offer complete corporate collection services.


We believe in transparent dealings, ethical behavior, innovative solutions and quality over quantity. So we only undertake collection cases that we believe can be negotiated in a satisfactory manner. We don’t make false guarantees, we simply do our best to put your debt situations on the right track. Also, we proudly stand out as the kind of firm that keeps its clients informed and updated with periodical reports and reviews – so you’re never in the dark about your debt collection cases.




We will become partners in the success of our clients by providing them with clarity, solutions, value and unrivalled dependability.



We will employ a quality over quantity approach that gives our clients a holistic solution and understanding of their debt management needs.





We strive to continuously uphold a ‘quality over quantity’ approach in our business. So we carefully select our cases, and then we proceed to do everything we can to deliver the results you need.



From the very beginning, we will provide you with objective analysis and projections on your case’s outcome. Also, we will provide you with periodical reports and regular case updates so that you are always aware of every development in your debt collection process.



Combining our deep in-house expertise, cutting-edge technology and sister affiliations, we will continuously find the smartest, most effective ways to collect, negotiate and resolve your debts. Where others give up, we innovate.


Our varied pool of expertise allows us to excel at every aspect of debt collection and management. Be it industry-specific limitations or finding solutions that suit all parties, we treat every case with the appropriate responsiveness.


Cost Effectiveness

Every client has different needs. So we tailor our rates and plans to suit your budget – a logical balance that builds mutually valuable partnerships.



Be it privacy, work ethic or simply a professional attitude, our staff is trained to uphold the highest standards in creating a dynamic, comfortable environment wherein your business can prosper.


Why Us


Transparency & Reporting

We give you clear and objective projections on your debt situation – be it domestic or international, short, medium or long term, our expert advisors analyze the facts to determine whether your debts are collectible or non-collectible. We also keep you up-to-date every step of the way with periodical reports and in-depth case updates.


360-degree Legal Support

With our sister affiliations, we are fully equipped in providing you with sworn legal advice that is certified from the Ministry of Justice. This means that your debt collection situations can be resolved or understood from both a financial and legal point of view.




Exclusive Corporate Collection

Due to our wide range of expertise and market experience, we are one of the few that collect debt on behalf of corporations. This means that your organization can collect its debts without having to go through banks and financial institutions.


Free Consultation & Due Diligence

As part of our enhanced quality and customer care experience, we offer all our clients a free debt consultation along with the necessary Due Diligence that goes with your debt collection case.


‘No collection, No Fees’ Guarantee

As a value-added service to our medium-large corporate clients, we offer an assurance policy wherein we receive no payment until your debt is collected – when you get paid, we get paid.


Cost Competitiveness

One of our core beliefs is to offer every client a custom-fit price plan that complements their budget in a logical way.




AL WADI Debt Management offers a comprehensive suite of services regarding corporate debt collection or resolution cases. Simply click onto the category that addresses your requirements.

Debt Collection, External Debt Collection & Follow-ups

From collecting payments to filing paperwork and following up on pending payments, our dedicated staff utilizes ethical practices and the latest technology to track, record and resolve all debt-related exchanges in a professional manner that suits both parties. The team is trained to handle on-ground initiatives as well as in-house projects, making them a comprehensive solution for all your collection and follow up requirements. 

Debt Management Consultancy & Advisory

Our consultancy team is comprised of seasoned experts in the field of debt management and consolidation. Using this expertise and an entire array of professional resources, this team provides you with cutting-edge techniques, strategies and information in managing your debt portfolio while maintaining growth and stability. This means that you save time and money while still making the right decisions for your business. Our team members can also be installed within your firm to bring all debt-related issues under control.


Every employee you hire costs you approximately three times their salary in logistics, compensation and insurance. So it’s no surprise that most business leaders praise the incredible cost-cutting benefits of outsourcing. With our world-class procurement experts, you’ll easily assemble an in-house team or project-based group made of the best and brightest debt management professionals in the business. Using our training facilities, we can also ensure that they attain an exact understanding of your firm’s requirements, while upholding the most stringent privacy about project details. Also, our customized packages ensure your firm stays focused on its core business while enjoying great value and flexibility.


The simple fact is that correctly trained employees make the right decisions. So when you can’t outsource your portfolio, our certified and highly experienced debt management advisers offer your department a comprehensive yet engaging training program that will educate them about the intricate details of the industry, and update them on the latest techniques developed to manage debt efficiently.

Call Center

Our Call Center service can be commissioned to stand-in as an acting call center for your firm, receiving calls from clients and/or conducting phone campaigns on your firm’s behalf.

Skip-tracing Debt Collection

In cases where your clients decline to honor payments or debts and choose to make themselves hard to reach (an action often referred to in the industry as ‘skipping’), our highly trained and resourceful investigators can be commissioned to trace them both locally and abroad (utilizing our ‘search-find-settle’ methodology along with our international network of investigation connections) and negotiate settlement terms that are both moral and beneficial.

Debt Purchasing

If your organization is looking to sell any of its debts, our Debt Purchasing department is the ideal, hassle-free solution in brokering the most fruitful deals and securing the best buyers and prices for your debts and assets. This means that medium-large companies can efficiently eliminate debts and boost profit profiles all the while avoiding considerable financial consequences and risks


Foreclosure and Auction Services

Through our extensive expertise and comprehensive market partnerships, we at AL WADI Debt Management, offer a convenient logistical support system that manages the entire process of auctioning and/or liquidating any foreclosed assets or possessions for the highest possible prices, ensuring that your organization’s overall cost analysis is well managed and optimized.





AL WADI Debt Management offers a comprehensive suite of services regarding individual debt collection or resolution cases. Simply click onto the category that addresses your requirements.

Professional Negotiation & Representation
Our debt management consultancy team is comprised of the industry’s finest negotiators, each with a profound understanding of both the legal and business realms. So whether your possessions have been repossessed by debt collectors and banks or you are facing prosecution or prison time, our experts stand ready to legally represent your case, express your rights and find the best possible outcome for your situation in front of both the legal system and the debtors. We cannot guarantee complete dismissals, but we can guarantee that we will use every possible legal resource from start to finish in order to secure your rights and attain a fair outcome.

Financial and Law-related Advisory
When financial troubles are ahead, it pays to plan forward. With our extensive advisory process, you can attain a complete understanding of your legal and financial position. Our certified advisers will also suggest the best course of action to deal with any upcoming legal problems or financial concerns.

360° Support
Our offices are ready to offer you full support in all logistical aspects including attaining court information, contacting banks and debt collectors, and securing any relevant resources that might benefit your case. Our offices can be contacted to set up meetings with imprisoned clients and to liaise between them and the authorities.


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