Risk Management

About Us


Every rewarding venture comes with some risks. Be it a company’s internal procedures, policies and compliances or its plans for exploring new business models and markets, the probability of downfall is always a factor. So when AL WADI Risk Management was established, we worked with one core belief: every company or investor needs a world-class partner with years of experience, a proven track record and comprehensive UAE coverage when it comes to minimizing and managing the business-related risks.


Our risk management process is what truly makes us unique. We start by studying your market and then analyzing your venture – from beginning to end. We then have our experts assess all risk factors, use cutting edge techniques to run studies and simulations, and finally we employ our in-depth market knowledge to give you an accurate and honest account of how to manage your risks.


Beyond diligence, we pride ourselves on being flexible, dynamic and innovative enough to provide you with the solutions and risk consultations you need to make the right decisions. We combine that with an uncompromising standard of privacy and care at every stage. This not only guarantees you peace of mind and assurance, it also saves you time and money.


AL WADI Risk Management also benefits from the legal and debt related expertise of its sister affiliations. So our team can advise you on both the procedural and the legal dimensions of every risk factor. This holistic approach to risk management means you have a partner that knows your business, understands every rule and regulation, studies every aspect of the risk equation, and specializes in going beyond expectation in finding the right solutions – a complete risk management package.




We will become partners in the success of our clients by providing them with accurate, honest and holistic solutions along with great value and unrivalled security.




We will utilize in-depth market knowledge and our own brand of innovation and flexibility to give our clients clear and comprehensive advice along with the best solutions to their risk management issues.




We understand the critical nature of risk management. As such, we always go the extra mile in delivering comprehensive service and unrivalled quality every step of the way.



Our goal is to empower your business with accurate assessments and strategies. So we will consistently provide you with all the information and options you need to make the right decision.



Managing risks is a dynamic field where critical thinking and out-of-the-box solutions are a must. We strive to take this philosophy to the next level by combining our in-depth market expertise and creativity with the legal and debt collection learning of our sister affiliations – which means you enjoy a wider range of choices and strategies.



Every business has a unique set of risks to undertake. So we make it a point to employ industry experts that understand your business from every angle, thus giving us a deep understanding of your needs and concerns. We then go on to create a strategic approach and a price plan that makes perfect financial sense to you.


Cost Effectiveness

Our aim is to provide our clients with great service at great value. This means that we go beyond industry standard costing structures to provide you with flexible price plans that are logical, reasonable and progressive.



We understand the need for sensitivity, privacy and discretion in risk management. Be it confidential venture ideas, top-secret business strategies or internal processes that must stay secret, we treat your case with the highest standards of care and regard.

Why Us


360-Degree Case Approach

We study every case from a holistic point of view, making sure we’ve analyzed every strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. Furthermore, we delve deep into your market in order to attain a truly well rounded understanding of your situation.  This comprehensive strategy allows us to see what others might miss, thus allowing you to make more informed decisions.



Legal & Debt Related Support

Our sister affiliations afford us a rich source of expertise in legal services and debt management. This means that your case is examined from a number of unique dimensions – allowing us to give you a larger set of solutions and ideas.



We keep you informed every step of the way with detailed reports, feasibility studies and comprehensive consultancy. Coupled with our ‘quality over quantity’ policy, you can rest assured that you’re always in the know when it comes to your case.


Smart Solutions

Dynamism is key in managing any risk. So we employ the industry’s sharpest minds and empower them with the tools, expertise and resources to generate ideas and strategies that are flexible, innovative and effective in every sense.


Unrivalled Privacy

Through our non-disclosure policies, you can rest assured that our staff is diligently protecting your sensitive information. We also use cutting-edge technology and strict protocols to ensure that your privacy is upheld under all circumstances.


Time & Cost Effectiveness

Using dynamic teamwork, innovative thinking and flexible, high quality solutions, we will always find the fastest and most value-driven strategies in solving your case. This translates into great results if you are on a tight timeline and budget.


Free Consultation

As part of our unique customer care experience, we provide all our potential clients with a free risk consultation. This service allows you to understand the kind of quality and diligence that goes into achieving your success.



AL WADI Risk Management offers a comprehensive suite of services that cater to all your risk management needs. Simply click onto the category that addresses your requirements.

Consultation & Advise
Risk Assessment: Our highly trained and certified consultants provide a complete and detailed analysis of your organization’s entire scope of activities, assets and areas of improvement.
Risk Advisory: Employing “Best Practices” standards and a spectrum of specialties, our risk advisory team brings you a comprehensive practical action plan that guides you through a step-by-step process to solving your risk management issues.
Management Solutions

–          Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): From managing risk factors to helping identify fruitful opportunities in the market, our ERM consultants provide a combination of diagnostics, strategic planning, internal control and operations management solutions in order to ensure that your enterprise is not only equipped with a comprehensive view of its capabilities and objectives, but is also running at optimal conditions and in complete compliance with industry regulations.

Property Risk Management (PRM): Utilizing a dedicated team of trained professionals, our PRM services make certain that your property portfolio is assessed, maintained and enhanced in a professional manner, thus minimizing property-related risks and capitalizing on prime opportunities.
Asset Risk Management (ARM): A company’s asset portfolio is of vital importance to its financial and strategic growth. In servicing this important corporate requirement, our ARM team brings a diverse range of expertise that suits each organization’s assets and investments, and provides hands-on solutions that protect and cultivate these assets.
Market Entry Report
Knowledge is power. And nowhere is this fact more a reality than in the world of entrepreneurial ventures, where organizations are constantly looking to expand into new markets. With our in-depth Market Entry Report service, we apply Due Diligence in our work and research methodologies so that your enterprise will gain the necessary in-depth information needed to make accurate and strategic expansion decisions.

In-house Services

As a valued partner to your establishment, AL WADI Risk Management offers a spectrum of in-house services that is designed to keep your business in top form.

  • Fraud Detection & Investigation: Our professional, Ministry-certified law specialists and investigators will ensure that the entire spectrum of your activities and documentation is in order by inspecting every department and working process within your firm.
  • Regulatory Compliance Services: Regardless of your respective industry, our certified experts provide dedicated assistance in making sure that your organization is compliant with all the necessary benchmarks and measures.
  • Internal Auditing: Our financial experts provide certified and professional auditing services that are both comprehensive and convenient.
  • Business Consulting: From positioning to strategy to expansion and future proofing, our dedicated team is ready to take your business plan to the next stage.
  • Internal Control: Combining expertise and dedicated service, our Internal Control consultants make sure your establishment’s internal models and infrastructures are in-line with company objectives.

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